11 Aug 2011

Speeding traffic, Victoria Road/Harrowby Road

Our recent survey revealed large levels of disquiet regarding speeding traffic on Victoria Road and Harrowby Road. However, if you were hoping any action might be taken to alleviate this menace you will no doubt be dismayed by the response we have received:

LOCATION : Victoria Road and Harrowby Road in Birkenhead  Thank you for your enquiry regarding the above.  Speeding traffic and its effect on road safety is very much at the forefront of public concern and the Council receives many enquiries regarding this issue from residents and Councillors throughout the Borough.  In the case of Speed Reduction Schemes (Traffic Calming), recommendations to progress schemes are based on the Council’s adopted criteria. This includes the results of a continual monitoring of all the Borough’s roads, carried out by the Accident Investigation Unit in liaison with Merseyside Police, together with an appraisal of emergency services priority routes to see whether or not any scheme would affect their response time.  The programme of work for speed reduction measures for this year has been approved by the Council and this location was not identified as a priority within the programme. As with all roads throughout the Borough, it will be considered again when drawing up future programmes.  In the case of the location you have identified, I have also considered its suitability for the provision of a speed camera, however following an analysis of the existing personal injury accident record, I am not able to make the location a priority. This does not mean that I doubt that some irresponsible drivers speed – but that at present, a speed camera is not a viable solution.  In the meantime, individual instances of speeding traffic may be reported to Merseyside Police which is the enforcing authority for speed limits. 

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