11 Aug 2011

Church Road update

Just received this from the Council. At least something looks to be happening with respect to the retail development. But, in the current housing market, how long before the new houses on Fountain Street/Whitfor Road reach "an advanced stage of sales"?

In other words, "don't hold your breath"

The plans for Church Road are to build a new retail scheme on the junction of Seymour Street and Church Road on the site known locally as the Abakhan Site.  This development will begin shortly with works beginning in September to connect utility services in advance of actual building works.  There are houses being built on the Whitford Road/Fountain St site as part of the overall development programme and when this new build scheme has reached a more advanced stage of sales then house building will begin on the other sites being assembled along Church Road. Some of the empty properties and derelict buildings are not yet in Council ownership and when some of the existing traders in Church Road have relocated into the new shops then demolition can take place and the resultant site can be prepared for new housing.

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