30 Dec 2009

New Street Sign for Convent Close

The photo below shows the new street sign for Convent Close. Hopefully this will put an end to the confusion as to where Convent Close begins and Rectory Close ends.

16 Dec 2009

(broken) Lights, camera, action

Glad to see that the Council has acted quickly to fix the day burning light on Frodsham Street.

Also the broken light on Hampden Road just off Church Road has been repaired following my report.

And the damaged street sign on St. Laurence Drive (pictured) is now a thing of the past having been replaced.

15 Dec 2009

Wirral Road Safety, the shocking truth

Final figures for road safety in Wirral including the most recent data for 2008 have now been analysed. They show that vulnerable road users are much more at risk in Wirral when compared with the national average. Indeed, figures for pedestrians are amongst the worst in the whole country

Using the government's own preferred measure encompassing data over the past three years the figures show:

Pedestrians: taking all ages together, Wirral rates are 30% above the UK average. For children, Wirral rates are 80% above the UK average.

Cyclists: the total rate is 15% above the UK average; for child cyclists, the Wirral rate is 48% above the UK average,

You can download the full details at:


Surveys undertaken by the Green Party show that residents on Well Lane in Tranmere are very concerned about road safety.

10 Dec 2009

Spot the difference

After months of prodding I'm delighted that the awful conditions in the alleyway between Rodney Street and Clifton Road have finally been addressed.

6 Dec 2009

Streets update

Been out and about today checking on a few outstanding items.

Glad to say that the offensive graffiti I reported on Bentinck Street is gone as is the graffiti on the Netto store downtown.

Also the longstanding broken light on Conway Drive has been repaired.

3 Dec 2009

Latest Activity Report

Welcome to my activity report for the month of November.

Our latest ward newsletter is currently being delivered. If you haven’t received a copy yet you can download a pdf version here.

The big news this month has been the release of the government’s report into the planned closure of libraries across Wirral. This whole saga has made a laughing stock of Wirral and the report doesn’t mince its words. It says the Council’s plans would have been in breach of its statutory duties and “would disadvantage relatively deprived communities” This is a shocking verdict on a Labour-led Council which is supposed to be supporting the less well off in our community.

The full report is available at http://www.culture.gov.uk/images/publications/wirral_local_inquiry.doc .

There is a 6-page Summary (pages i to vi) at the start.

I continue to champion improvements to road safety. The latest figures revealed this month show that child pedestrians locally are 80% more likely to be killed or seriously injured on our roads than the national average. This prompted me to write to the Wirral Globe which published this letter in its latest edition.

Street issue developments this month include:

  • Broken street lights on Willmer Road have finally been fixed
  • The damaged street sign (pictured) on Birchwood Avenue has now been repaired.

  • I complained about the state of the alleyway between Elmswood Road and Harrowby Road. This has now been cleaned and should get a clean on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • The Council is unable to repair the broken lights on the Quarrybank site by the YMCA. However, the good news is that the site has been acquired by Venture Housing and is to be refurbished with work due to start in the Spring.

Finally, if you or anyone you know missed out on our door-to-door survey you can complete an on-line version here.

2 Dec 2009

Report on Library Closures

The Libraries Inquiry Report by Sue Charteris was published on Monday, and is available at
http://www.culture.gov.uk/images/publications/wirral_local_inquiry.doc .
The Report is 98 pages long, but there is a 6-page Executive Summary (pages i to vi) at the start.
As reported extensively in the local media, the report is a clear rejection of the Labour-led Council's attempted closure of libraries across Wirral.