28 Apr 2013

Bedroom Tax: Advice & Resources

The Green Party firmly opposes the so-called "bedroom tax" and its pernicious impact on many vulnerable people. We have prepared material to inform and assist people affected by this attack on their homes and livelihood. This is Wirral specific and a very valuable resource for anyone affected.

All of the details are on the Wirral Green Party website:


8 Apr 2013

New charge will kill garden waste collections

The new £35 charge for garden waste collections will kill this hugely popular scheme. Our Labour council knows perfectly well that most people can't or won't pay for a service they rightly expect to be provided as part of their council tax.

The inevitable outcome will be less waste converted to valuable compost, an increase in fly-tipping and higher charges as more waste is sent to landfill.

This is yet another example of how everyone in Wirral is paying the price for our council's self-confessed "bad financial management" and our government's misguided austerity programme.

5 Apr 2013

No more litter bins for Wirral?

Looks like Wirral won't be getting any new litter bins this year based on this message I've just had from the council:

Good afternoon Mr Cleary

Thank you for your recent enquiry requesting the installation of a litter bin on Church Road between Beech Road and the new retail centre.

At present, all non essential expenditure has been frozen to enable the necessary savings to be made for the budget year 2013/14. This includes the purchase and installation of litter bins. It is therefore unlikely that any new litter bins will be available for installation within the next twelve months.

At present, officers are monitoring the usage of litter bins at various locations to determine if they are fully utilised. If a bin is identified as not being required at a particular location then the location you have requested will be given due consideration when determining where it is to be resited.

I trust this clarifies the Council's position on this matter