27 Apr 2010

Streets update

A few items I've noticed have been dealt with recently:

graffiti on Beech Road at the Derby Road end (pictured above) has been cleared
day burning light on Olive Crescent now repaired
dumped sofa blocking the walkway between Fountain Street and Whitford Road removed. Also, I'm told the broken light in the same location has now been fixed.

23 Apr 2010


That's what it will cost you to replace your wheelie bin, even if it's been stolen and/or vandalised.

Of course that's much more likely if you don't have the luxury of a back garden to keep your bins or your elderly or disabled and have difficulty moving your bin around.

Another tax on the poor basically.

13 Apr 2010

Streets update

A quick update on some of the issues I've reported recently:
  • Glad to see that the awful pile up of rubbish outside the new flats on Rodney Street (pictured) has been cleared.
  • The missing roller on the alleygates on Briardale Road at the Borough Road end has now been replaced
  • The broken light on Pearson Road by Holt Hill Terrace has been fixed.
Unfortunately, the alleyway between Laurel Road and Sycamore Road remains in a poor condition and I have had to chase it again today. I've also reported the following:
  • Overgrowth from Hillside Road affecting the alleyway behind Holt Road
  • Broken lock on alleygates on Paterson Street
  • Damaged street signs on Frodsham Street and Olive Mount
  • Day burning light on Olive Crescent
  • Extensive littering on Hamilton Lane
  • Collapsed wall between Rodney Street and Clifton Road
  • Poor conditions on the walkway under the railway bridge on Green Lane
  • Littering behind the panelled area on Hinderton Road opposite Hinderton Close. Apparantly this belongs to Scottish Power who are being contacted by the Council.

5 Apr 2010

Activity report

Council-sanctioned vandalism on Church Road

I’d like to start this month with a very disturbing incident. In mid-March, dozens of trees off Church Road were felled without any warning to local residents. The area surrounding the derelict site earmarked for retail and housing development contained trees that had stood for generations and were much loved by locals. You can see the pictures I took and read more about the incident here.

Just as disturbing is the shocking response of the Council to the legitimate anger of the community. Again you can read the evidence on my website. There are two stand-out issues here. First the obvious bias of the Council in favour of the developer. I have no doubt that many if not all of these trees could have been preserved if the Council had placed the necessary constraints on the developer. Instead, what the developer wanted the developer got.

The second issue for me is the inadequate consultation with local residents who were given the impression that the trees would remain. It is completely unacceptable that residents are treated in this way. Sadly, last year’s fiasco surrounding library closures shows that your elected representatives don’t take consultation seriously. Based on this incident, they have learnt nothing in the meantime.

Streets update

  • Following on from the above I have been looking at the latest redevelopment application to affect our area. The derelict flats at Quarrybank by the YMCA are due to be refurbished into 12 new units. This is welcome news for a site that has become an eyesore and prone to fly-tipping. However, I have today submitted a comment on this application. The plans as currently drafted would remove one of the trees on site to facilitate car parking. I have pointed out that, if this really is deemed necessary, there should be an obligation on the developer to plant at least two new trees. I have also pointed out that the plans for bicycle storage are hopelessly inadequate and run counter to Council policy.
  • Meanwhile, the war on fly-tipping is a never ending one unfortunately. This month I have had to write repeated emails and make several phone calls to Council officers before finally getting action on the disgraceful conditions between Elmswood and Harrowby Roads. Can I remind everyone that most entries have a scheduled monthly cleanse. My experience is that this often doesn’t happen so if you are experiencing ongoing problems please let me know. To find out when your area is scheduled for cleaning call Streetscene on 606 2004.
  • Other issues I have reported this month include:

The collapsed wall between Rodney Street and Clifton Road

The poor conditions for pedestrians under the railway bridge on Green Lane

Broken lights on Victoria Road, Craven Street and between Fountain Street/Whitford Road

Damaged alley gates on Paterson Street and Briardale Road (again)

Election news

Last week my nomination papers for the local elections on May 6th were submitted. Along with my Green Party colleagues I have begun door-to-door canvassing. The feedback so far is really encouraging with many residents responding positively to all the work we have done throughout the year. The local poll is clearly between myself and the Labour candidate. Other parties are out of the race. If you would like to support my campaign by displaying a “vote Green” poster please let me know. You can read my key priorities for this election here.

And finally, a special mention for the ARK project for the homeless. There will be an official opening for its new extension to the Sandford Street site on April 21st. Well done to everyone concerned on achieving this important milestone.

Quarrybank flats

Today I submitted the following comments regarding the planning application to refurbush the derelict flats at Quarrybank. Although thisproposal to refurbish a block that has become an eyesore into 12 new flats is welcome I have a few concerns. If you would like to view the plans you can do so here.

I have two objections to this application.

Firstly, it is not acceptable and contrary to Council guidelines that bicycles and bins be stored together. There should be separate storage facilities for bicycles. Furthermore, storage for bicycles needs to be secure and this is not the case at present. There should be adequate, secure storage for at least one bicycle per flat. If necessary, some of the area currently designated for car parking could be used for bicycle storage.

Secondly, the plans call for the removal of a tree. This area is very lacking in trees. If it is really necessary to remove an existing tree then there should be an obligation on the developer to plant at least two new trees. These would preferably be of a similar maturity to the removed tree.