15 Nov 2019

A Green MP for Birkenhead

My vision is a Birkenhead that is both prosperous and green.
Birkenhead has enormous potential. But, for decades under the
Labour party and the current MP, that potential has remained
untapped and our town has suffered badly.

That has to change. I’m proud that, at the local level, the Green
Party has ended the days of one-party rule in Birkenhead. That
has forced the council to pay us far more attention. We now need the same energy and the same fresh thinking from a new MP with a proven track record of achievement for Birkenhead.

Our town can be a leader in renewable energy. We have large
amounts of land that can be transformed with warm, affordable
housing and truly sustainable communities fit for the 21st century. This will give us the platform for a public transport revolution that is an essential response to the Climate Emergency.

If you want fresh thinking, fresh ideas and fresh energy then vote Green on December 12th.

7 Nov 2019

General Election, Birkenhead Constituency

I'm delighted to be standing as the Green Party candidate for the Birkenhead constituency in the forthcoming general election and speaking out on our key election messages:

Yes to Europe: We have always believed the public should have the final say on Brexit. We demand a people’s vote and will campaign to Remain.

No to climate chaos: Every Green vote helps speed up climate action. This means cheaper energy, better transport, warmer homes and thousands of decent new jobs.

A fairer Britain: A Britain of ‘us and them’ led to the Brexit vote. Our policies will transform Britain so it works for everyone.

If you need to get in touch with me about the campaign then please email: Pat4Birkenhead@gmx.co.uk

If you want to donate to the campaign please support our Crowdfunder.