26 Aug 2011

Derelict Garages on Whitfield Street

The dilapidated garages on Whitfield Street are a persistent cause for concern in our resident surveys. We have complained about the lack of progress wrt this site and received the following response:

In response to your enquiry about the derelict garages in Whitfield Street, Tranmere I would like to inform you that I have visited the site and that the owner of the properties has now been written to and requested to make improvements to the appearance of the garages.  The letter requests improvement to be made within 28 days and following that time the situation will be reviewed.  For information, planning permission was granted on 12/01/2011 for the demolition of these garages and the construction of three townhouses.

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  1. I found your article interesting and summarize the situation perfectly. Sharing your knowledge and taking the initiative to post this informative topic is very much appreciated.



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