12 Aug 2016

Grange News, alcohol licence application

Grange News at 44 Grange Road West has applied for an alcohol retail licence. Here is the letter I have written in opposition:

RE: Grange News
44 Grange Road West
CH41 4DA

I feel the public interest would be best served by rejecting the licence for this store for the following reasons:

1. There is a well established problem with street drinking in this area. I have witnessed this at first hand many times. Clearly another licensed premises will exacerbate this problem. There are established services in the immediate area such as the YMCA dealing with the fall out from alcohol consumption and we should support them by denying yet more access to cheap alcohol. We should also be mindful of our health related pledges in Wirral's five year plan which specifically aims to "reduce levels of alcohol related ill-health".

2. There are already numerous retailers selling alcohol in the immediate vicinity including:

  • ASDA, 222 Grange Road
  • Bargain booze , 54-56 grange road Ch414da
  • 10 0 clock shop 18 grange mount
  • Freshway 10-12 grange road west ch414da
  • News and booze , 264 Conway street ch414ah
  • Charing cross hotel , grange road west
  • The Cavendish, grange road west
  • Best price grange road west
  • Bollywood Lounge 33-37 Grange Raod West Ch414BY

All this before you consider the additional outlets on Oxton Road. Clearly there is no need for yet another alcohol retailer in this area.

3. Alcohol is an undoubted contributing factor to the level of criminal activity in this area. Police figures confirm the high reported instances of crime and the contribution alcohol makes to the overall level of crime. Significant policing resources are required to deal with the adverse impacts that alcohol is having via crime and anti-social behaviour. In the circumstances, another off-licence will exacerbate this problem.

4. Alcohol consumption is a clear source of public nuisance in this area not just as a result of street drinking and anti-social behaviour. The broader environment suffers hugely and I get frequent complaints about the level of litter in the area much of which consists of discarded alcohol containers.

For the above reasons I request that you reject this application.

Cllr Pat Cleary
Green Party Councillor
Birkenhead and Tranmere ward