13 Apr 2010

Streets update

A quick update on some of the issues I've reported recently:
  • Glad to see that the awful pile up of rubbish outside the new flats on Rodney Street (pictured) has been cleared.
  • The missing roller on the alleygates on Briardale Road at the Borough Road end has now been replaced
  • The broken light on Pearson Road by Holt Hill Terrace has been fixed.
Unfortunately, the alleyway between Laurel Road and Sycamore Road remains in a poor condition and I have had to chase it again today. I've also reported the following:
  • Overgrowth from Hillside Road affecting the alleyway behind Holt Road
  • Broken lock on alleygates on Paterson Street
  • Damaged street signs on Frodsham Street and Olive Mount
  • Day burning light on Olive Crescent
  • Extensive littering on Hamilton Lane
  • Collapsed wall between Rodney Street and Clifton Road
  • Poor conditions on the walkway under the railway bridge on Green Lane
  • Littering behind the panelled area on Hinderton Road opposite Hinderton Close. Apparantly this belongs to Scottish Power who are being contacted by the Council.

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