5 Apr 2010

Quarrybank flats

Today I submitted the following comments regarding the planning application to refurbush the derelict flats at Quarrybank. Although thisproposal to refurbish a block that has become an eyesore into 12 new flats is welcome I have a few concerns. If you would like to view the plans you can do so here.

I have two objections to this application.

Firstly, it is not acceptable and contrary to Council guidelines that bicycles and bins be stored together. There should be separate storage facilities for bicycles. Furthermore, storage for bicycles needs to be secure and this is not the case at present. There should be adequate, secure storage for at least one bicycle per flat. If necessary, some of the area currently designated for car parking could be used for bicycle storage.

Secondly, the plans call for the removal of a tree. This area is very lacking in trees. If it is really necessary to remove an existing tree then there should be an obligation on the developer to plant at least two new trees. These would preferably be of a similar maturity to the removed tree.

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