28 Mar 2010

Key Priorities

Our latest newsletter is doing the rounds at the moment and includes a list of my key priorities for the forthcoming election:

Housing Renewal

Like many of you, Pat is dismayed at the way housing and “regeneration” issues have been handled locally. Demolition and a lack of renewal have seriously blighted our area. Local officials need to be held to account in a way that simply isn’t happening at present.

Local Environment

Pat has worked tirelessly to improve our local environment. By tackling fly-tipping, graffiti and other eye sores Pat is helping to make Birkenhead and Tranmere a better place to live.

Free Eric!

Fly-tipping has undoubtedly increased since our Labour-led Council introduced a £20 charge for bulky waste collections. This disgraceful “tax on the poor” needs to be scrapped. This would be the simplest and most cost effective way to reduce the scourge of fly-tipping.

Safer Streets

Pat has successfully highlighted the unacceptable risks faced by children and vulnerable road users. Local officers have been forced to admit that much more needs to be done to improve road safety. Pat is committed to making our streets safer for everyone.

Social Housing

Pat has helped many tenants unhappy with the repair service provided by social housing landlords. He is also committed to reducing unacceptably long waiting times for affordable housing.

Youth Facilities

One in four of our young people are not in education, training or employment. We need more emphasis on facilities and training for young people. This will be an investment in the future and will also help to reduce anti-social behaviour.

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