29 Jan 2010

Trinity Lane

Wirral Green Party recently submitted the letter below to Wirral's planning department. This was in support of residents on Price Street concerned, in part, about the potential closure of Trinity Lane as a public right of way. This could seriously inconvenience residents on Cleveland Street and Wood Street who use Trinity Lane to access Birkenhead town centre.

I'm pleased that at last night's planning meeting a decision was taken to defer judgement pending further investigation of the rights of way issue. A final decision is expected in the next month or so.


Re Application Number APP/2009/6404

This relates to the above application for fencing/gates on Trinity Lane, Birkenhead. We wish to make two points:

Firstly we support the petition raised by local residents in objection to this application.

Secondly, we are completely opposed to any loss of public access via Trinity Lane. This is a well used thoroughfare providing access to local amenities for many residents. As you are no doubt aware, Wirral Council is publicly committed to supporting easy access to facilities via sustainable modes. Indeed it is part of the Council's vision for the borough as detailed in the current consultation on the Core Strategy Development Plan.

Blocking access via Trinity Lane would run counter to Council policy and seriously inconvenience many residents. We strongly urge you to reject this application.

Yours sincerely

on behalf of the Green Party in Wirral

Pat Cleary and nine other named individuals

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