1 Feb 2010

Wirral Dog Wardens

Had a very useful chat today with one of Wirral's dog wardens (there are three in total). Dog muck is a huge problem and something I get more complaints about than anything else.

So what can you do?

If you know someone is failing to clean up dog mess you can report them to the local dog wardens. Just ring 647 8799. You will need an address or alternatively a car registration number. A warden will pay the dog owner a visit and explain their obligations with respect to handling dog waste. If a second complaint is received then a warning letter can be issued. Subsequent complaints can lead to a prosecution but this does require a witness prepared to give evidence. You can also report a stray dog on the same number.

Anyone caught allowing their dog to foul can be issued with a £50 penalty notice by a warden or a police community support officer. The whole of Wirral including all beaches are covered by the 1996 Dog Fouling Act.

As long as it's in a tied bag, dog waste can be placed in any litter bin or a green wheelie bin. It does not have to be placed in a dog litter bin.

Wirral, unlike most authorities, has its own dog kennels. Around 1,000 dogs were handed in last year. If you are interested in adopting a stray call 647 8799. There is a charge of £55. The kennels are on Corporation Road, CH41 4JZ.

There will be a dog wardens clinic on Seymour Street on February 19th. This will include a microchipping id service costing £5 per animal. I understand that anyone using an RSPCA approved clinic needs to have their dog microchipped.

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