4 Jan 2010

Activity report for December

Welcome to the first update for the New Year. News below on affordable housing, road safety and a particularly busy streets update.

Shocking revelations on social housing

Our latest ward newsletter is currently being delivered and includes a special focus on social housing. It recently emerged that it would take over 7 years to clear the current waiting list for affordable housing locally. This is completely unacceptable in my view. Many decisions taken by Wirral Council have added to the problems facing those on low incomes needing suitable accommodation. If you are affected I would welcome your input so please get in touch.

“Wirral slammed over road safety”

There has been a great response from the media to my concerns regarding the poor road safety in Wirral, especially for children. As well as appearing on Radio City the issue was also taken up by the Wirral Globe and the Birkenhead News. As a result there is now increasing pressure on local officials to take road safety more seriously and give our children the protection they need.

Streets update

Street issue developments this month include:

  • Residents on Hinderton Road have seen a huge improvement after encroaching vegetation was cleared from their alleyway by the owners of the Argyle industrial estate. This was followed by a deep clean of the alleyway by the Council
  • There has been an even more striking improvement on Rodney Street where the alleyway running adjacent to Clifton Road is unrecognisable from a few months ago as you can see here.
  • The offensive graffiti I reported on Bentinck Street is gone as is the graffiti on the Netto store off Grange Road.
  • The longstanding broken light on Conway Drive has now been repaired as has the light on Hampden Road by the junction with Church Road. Day burning lights on Frodsham Street and in the car park on Victoria Road are now fixed.
  • The damaged street sign on St Laurence Drive has been replaced while residents on Convent Close also have a new sign.

If there are any outstanding street issues in your area please let me know.

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