27 Feb 2019

Hoylake Golf Resort #2

As a postscript to yesterday's post on the Hoylake Golf Resort, here is a telling email I have received from a Labour party member. The knife edge vote on Monday clearly demonstrates that people have the opportunity in May to change the make-up of the council which would hopefully kill off this folly.

Dear Councillors

I find it very disappointing and telling that the only responses to my email came from Conservative and Green Councillors. They seem to be the groups listening to public opinion. 

As a Labour party member I find this doubly disheartening. The development goes against Labour principles and policy and it is shocking to see Labour whipped to support such a destructive vanity project. 

I've spoken to many people on Wirral about this and it wouldn't surprise me if the public makes their feelings known with their vote in the future - and who can blame them...

Wirral council seems to be intent on environmental, community and their party's demise with their commitment to the development. It's my hope you change your stance soon. If not, and it saddens me to say this as a committed Labour supporter, but a Green or even Tory vote will be needed to end this s*** show, and the public are sadly starting to realise this.

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