10 Sept 2014

Independence panic arrives in Wirral

The representatives of Wirral’s political establishment will be at Wallasey Town Hall today raising the Saltire to show their support for the No campaign in next week’s referendum.


This is great news for Scottish Independence, which the Green Party supports.


The more our political elite panics, the more clearly Scots can see what an opportunity independence offers. As one respected commentator has said, voting No would be an extraordinary act of self harm.


It shows how out of touch that elite is if they really think raising a Scottish flag in Wirral will persuade anyone to vote No.


The referendum is a huge opportunity for Scots to cast off the Westminster yolk and make their own decisions about their own future. Not only that, a Yes vote will cause a constitutional explosion for the rest of the UK giving hope that something approaching a real democracy could emerge in England too.


So well done to Cllrs Davies, Rennie and Gilchrist. Their collusion in the growing panic surrounding the No campaign will simply add fuel to the fire of independence.

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