19 Jun 2014

Parking, Rodney Street

Parking is a persistent source of angst on Rodney Street. Below is the
council's position relating to this. I will be taking this up with the
police myself in the near future.

Dear Councillor Cleary,

Thank you for your email of 18 June regarding parking in Rodney Street,

As mentioned in your email, Rodney Street and Helena Street are subject
to a "prohibition of motor vehicles; except for access" traffic
regulation order (TRO).

This type of TRO cannot be enforced by the Council's Civil Enforcement
Officers, but falls under the enforcement remit of Merseyside Police.
The issue of enforcement of this TRO has been raised with the Police in
the past and I will raise it with our Police liaison officer again.

I can advise you that the Council has been approached by residents and
Ward Members previously regarding parking in the road requesting that a
resident parking scheme be implemented in the road. However, it was
clear that there was insufficient support from residents to cover the
cost of implementation and ongoing administration of the scheme which is
the current Council policy for new resident parking schemes.

Unfortunately, there is no other action available to me to deal with the
concerns residents have raised about parking in the road.

Should you have any further comments or questions regarding this, please
contact me as below.

Yours sincerely,

Traffic Network Manager (Traffic and Transportation)

Regeneration and Environment Directorate

Wirral Council


  1. What would be the costs in £'s of implementing a residents parking scheme? .

    1. You can read the council's guidelines on residents parking at: http://www.wirral.gov.uk/my-services/transport-and-streets/parking/residents-parking/new-schemes

      Basically, you need at least 300 residents prepared to pay £75 each.

      The hurdles are set deliberately high to deter applications.

  2. i put an objection into this scheme as i do not want to take the burden in my street of commuter parking using my street instead.


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