5 Sept 2013

Video graphically shows impact of council cuts

At the beginning of July Wirral Council drastically reduced its expenditure on collection rubbish. The council blames government cuts but the self-confessed "bad financial management" has played a huge role in inflicting cuts across Wirral that are far worse than in many other areas.

As well as reducing its capacity for general rubbish collection the alleyways that sit between most of the terraced streets in Tranmere are now only cleared once every 12 weeks. Previously they were cleared once every four weeks. Residents are really noticing the difference and it is no exaggeration to say that I am now flooded with complaints about the state of the streets and alleyways.

One resident has kindly taken the time to produce a short video showing the state of the alleyway behind his house. It makes for depressing viewing and stands as a graphic illustration of the impact the cuts are having.

For years now I have highlighted Wirral Council's failure to deal with this issue at source by prosecuting those responsible for fly-tipping. Now that the safety blanket of regular collections is being withdrawn the full impact of this failure is there for all to see in this video.

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