8 Apr 2013

New charge will kill garden waste collections

The new £35 charge for garden waste collections will kill this hugely popular scheme. Our Labour council knows perfectly well that most people can't or won't pay for a service they rightly expect to be provided as part of their council tax.

The inevitable outcome will be less waste converted to valuable compost, an increase in fly-tipping and higher charges as more waste is sent to landfill.

This is yet another example of how everyone in Wirral is paying the price for our council's self-confessed "bad financial management" and our government's misguided austerity programme.


  1. it will lead to job loses,because the lads who do the garden waste only do that.also when only one person wants to join in the scheme a wagon has to still go to the street what a waste ov energy and money,and what happend to the money they made off resellin the waste as compost .also are they goin to refund the people who payed for stolen bins.the goverment will end up with no recyling,and payin more out on dole the bosses at the top want to opean there eyes.

  2. Utterly brainless. So the council does not wish to make money out of compost, like other authoritis who make a packet out of it.

    So it is that the council seeks to charge for removal of what they can make a packet out of, and so will have to stop the service. Now, this is really stupid, the council will have eventually to pick up the waste when it is dumped down some side road, so a cost to the council, and insufficient material collected because the bulk will be strewn in and around where railway lines used to operate, where greenery has now overrun the area. So the council is still going to have to pick up the waste in the end, and at a higher cost.


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