13 Sept 2012

Response to Wirral's latest cuts and consultation

The news that Wirral faces £100m of cuts over the next three years is a shocking indictment of the coalition government’s savage assault on public services. It also exposes the Labour Party’s craven acceptance of the austerity agenda made worse by our council leader’s admission that, over many years of Labour control in Wirral, “we have had poor budget management”.


The much hyped and expensive consultation exercise is a blatant attempt to force Wirral residents to accept the austerity programme that is crippling our economy and entrenching poverty. What we really need is robust opposition to this government’s attempts to make ordinary people pay for the sins of bankers and successive government’s failure to regulate.


Consequently the Green Party urges residents to respond to Wirral Council’s consultation by making it clear they oppose ALL cuts and the entire cuts agenda.

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