4 Apr 2011

Activity Report for March

Welcome to the latest report Some important updates this month relating to the proposed development on Church Road, the closure of Trinity Lane (Price Street) and the major wall collapse on Pearson Road.

But first, a quick reminder of the forthcoming local elections on May 5th. The Green Party is canvassing hard in the run-up and, if we haven’t knocked on your door yet, we will be doing so in the month ahead. If you are not registered to vote at your current address or need to apply for a postal or proxy vote then time is running out. You can contact me for the relevant forms or visit the Council website.

Remember, you can help our campaign by displaying a poster.

Streets update:

This month, Wirral Council recommended an extension to the planning permission relating to the proposed residential and retail developments on Church Road. Once again, the failure to make good this project when times were good returns to haunt us. You can read the full details of the latest application here.

It is now over a year since scores of trees were felled on Church Road. I know this greatly upset many residents but the delays since then make that act of vandalism even more inexcusable.

Earlier this month I met with Council officials on site at Trinity Lane to discuss their plans to stop pedestrian access. It was very pleasing to see so many local residents turn out and make their objections known in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately, the Council is determined to proceed and a court hearing has been set for April 7th. I will be making representations at the court on behalf of residents. Hopefully, we will get a positive outcome. The result will be posted on my web site later this week.

No doubt many of you will be aware of the major wall collapse on Holt Hill Terrace/Pearson Road which was reported on last month. Following my latest discussions with the Highways department I understand that tests are being carried out to see if the wall in question is a retaining wall (i.e. a wall built to hold back ground that would otherwise move downwards). If it is, then major works are involved and it is unclear as yet how the Council would proceed. If it is not a retaining wall then repairs will be carried out to restore the wall as it was.

Other street issues reported recently include the derelict site on Woodchurch Road/Briardale Road which the Council assures me is being pursued via the relevant land owner. Also, another dose of fly-tipping has been reported on Carlton Road while I was very pleased to learn that the alleyway behind Kingsdown Street/Frodsham Street has finally been cleared following many appeals.

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