2 Sept 2010

Road safety on Derby Road/Elm Grove

A lot of residents raise road safety issues in and around Derby Road. Today I've sent this email to Traffic Management:


Ref: PLB/TC/1/1 Bir 317366

I am writing in relation to the above reference number and the wider issue of road safety in the Derby Road area of Birkenhead.

Your letter dated 4 August 2009 suggested that the relocation of staff from St. Catherine’s Hospital would alleviate traffic concerns along Derby Road. One year on, the feedback I receive from residents suggests that this is not the case. In particular I have had numerous contacts from residents in the area raising a number of issues as follows:

All of the roads running between Derby Road and Church Road have been closed off to vehicles at the Church Road end. Exiting these roads onto Derby Road is hazardous due to poor visibility. If anything, this problem has intensified since the resurfacing of Derby Road which appears to have led to increased traffic speeds.

As access to Derby Road from Church Road has been closed there is heavy traffic along Elm Grove which is open at both ends. Residents along Elm Grove are very concerned by the volume and speed of traffic.

There are no crossing facilities for pedestrians along the entire length of Derby Road.

In view of the above I would very much appreciate feedback on the following points so that I can in turn relay this to residents:

What plans, if any, are there to review and calm traffic speeds along Derby Road and improve safety for vehicles accessing Derby Road from the Church Road side?

What plans, if any, are there to improve crossing facilities for pedestrians along Derby Road?

What steps have been taken to monitor road safety along Elm Grove? Are there any plans to implement road safety measures on Elm Grove?

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Pat Cleary

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