1 Jun 2010

Activity Report for May

Welcome to an update for the month of May. Details below on the recent elections, housing renewal in Tranmere, our tree preservation campaign as well as the usual streets update.

Election update

Thanks to all of you who voted Green at the local elections on May 6th – 1,095 in total which clearly establishes us as the main challenger to Labour’s monopoly. There will be another round of local elections next May. Our hard work will continue in the meantime. You can get further details on the election results via this link.

Like the country as a whole, Wirral is now run by a coalition of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Labour has been pushed out which comes as little surprise given last year’s farcical events surrounding the proposed closure of libraries and other community facilities.

Housing renewal

Last week, the Wirral Globe carried this story on housing renewal in Tranmere and Rock Ferry. The article was basically a self congratulatory piece implying that all was well in Tranmere and what a wonderful job the former Labour-led Council had done. It included this comment by Labour Councillor George Davies, “To achieve what we have achieved in Rock Ferry and Tranmere, especially during a recession, is staggering.”

Perhaps, like me, you have a different view? Given the amount of demolition and dereliction across Tranmere in recent years not to mention the decline in local shops and the wider impact on the property market it is quite shocking to me that local representatives can appear so out of touch. Please contact me if you have any thoughts on the matter.

Tree preservation campaign

Many of you will recall the shocking events on Church Road which I reported on a few months ago when a large number of trees were destroyed without warning. The Green Party is taking steps to try and ensure that something like this never happens again. We will apply for Preservation Orders for trees that could be at risk from future development. We are currently surveying the entire ward but we need your help. Nobody knows your neighbourhood as well as you do. If you think that any tree may be at risk, then please let me know.

Streets update

Since the election I’ve been catching up on various street issues. One notable success this month involved a persistently ringing security alarm on Claughton Road. Thankfully, Environmental Health were able to respond quickly and disable the device. If you need to report any form of noise pollution call 691 8370.

Other items reported recently include:

  • persistent fly-tipping on the land between Victoria Fields and Victoria Road
  • day burning light on Hornby Street
  • uneven paving and poor lighting on Town Road between Baytree and Rosedale
  • lack of maintenance in the corner of Mersey Park opposite Carlton Mount
  • graffiti and damaged street sign on Olive Mount as well as the damaged street sign on Frodsham Street
  • Council officers have been out to inspect property on Marquis Street affected by encroaching vegetation from the quarry area on Holt Hill. Similarly, Venture Housing has promised to take steps to deal with shrubbery on its properties on Hillside Road which is blocking the alleyway behind Holt Road

As ever, if there are any issues affecting you please let me know.

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