21 Mar 2010

Today I woke to the sound of no birds

This is how one resident described the outrage described here to her MP. The words speak for themselves.

Today I woke to the sound of no birds, and to someone looking over to my property. This is the first time this has happened in the 3 yrs i have lived here.

Why? Because we no longer have any trees. Our street backs onto a development site the application is APP/09/05518.When I first moved here the trees and wildlife were part of the reason i bought my property, also the feeling of seclusion and privacy. This was important as my son is special needs and as we had come from a rough area of birkenhead, he felt safe and for the first
time in 8 yrs he was able to play out. I knew the land behind my property was up for development but I was assured that the trees would be staying as there were bungalows being built immediately behind us and the trees would give us the added privacy for ourselves and the residents that would move in there. They are also building a shopping development. We raised our concerns
about the service road as it would come immediately alonside the end property. Again they said the trees were staying so they would somewhat sheild the noise. We raised concerns about the generator that is going to be built against the wall of our cul-de-sac. Again they said it was going to be by the trees and they would conceal the noise. Theses trees were over 100 yrs old and had a preservation order. These trees no longer exist. In 4 days they have totally desimated and destroyed birds homes, a family of squirrels home, and upset a whole area. Our view is no longer leafy green trees in summer and bare branches in winter, no longer do we see or hear the birds which ranged from robins right through to blackbirds and crows, a couple of children are very upset as they no longer will see sophie and sally (squirrels they had named after rescuing the baby and watching the mum comeand get her) and they are concernd about where they are now living, no longer will we see the bats flying between the houses to get to the trees. Now we can see into peoples houses over the back so I assume if we can see them they can see us, we can hear people talking on church road, the car lights shine into the backs of our property as they drive up church road. we no longer feel secluded and secure and to compensate for this I am having to get a house alarm and security light for the rear of my property, just so my son and myself feel secure. I have just walked along Church Road and where before we could see trees, now you can see straight into peoples homes.This makes me feel very vulnerable. Instead we will be getting to see the back of shopping developement, the smell of waste bins, the smell of hgv wagons fumes, the sound of generators, cars, people shopping and best of all the sound of hgv wagons doing there deliveries at 6 in the morning. These trees were on the plans. All through the stages we were told the trees were staying. We know the trees had a preservation order. They say they will replant trees, but not in my or my childs lifetime will the trees be as big and strong as they were. There was no reason whatsover for the trees to come down, they would not have been in the way, it is just a developer showing he is the big boy and can run rough shod over us people, the council, i feel, wiped there hands of it and took a step back and buried their heads in the sand with no concern for us at all. Our house prices dropped in 4 days, this time next year our house prices will have dropped further. Our homes no longer feel like the homes we bought and strived for. I have only lived here for 3 yrs, other residents have lived here for over 45yrs.

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