20 Mar 2009


Littered alleyways are a persistent complaint when I speak with residents. Our area has over 100 of these, many of which are now gated. Strictly speaking these are on private land so the Council's legal obligations to clean them can be a bit vague. However, there is an understanding that alleyways will be cleaned within one month of receiving a complaint. Therefore, it's very important that any such problem is reported to Streetscene on 606 2004. Even better if you can take some pictures and email to streetscene@wirral.gov.uk. Always ask for a reference number. If the problem persists let me know and I will action it promptly.

Also I've been contacted by a resident on Shaw Street about flytipping in the area close to the YMCA. I'll be checking that out over the weekend and making the appropriate phone calls next week.

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