23 Oct 2014

Vote Green, Get Green #2

As expected, more silly nonsense from Labour in recent ward newsletters about our votes in council meetings. Is there any chance they could try defending their own activities rather than spewing out contrived rubbish about me voting "with the Tories".

It's a shame we have to waste peoples' time refuting this guff but here is our response as published in our latest ward newsletter:

"Some residents have asked about the smears in recent Labour party material concerning how Pat Cleary votes in the council chamber. It’s very simple. Greens always vote on principle and in the best interests of the residents we represent.
  • If that means voting to help save a special school like Lyndale then that is clearly the right thing to do.
  • If it means opposing the choice of mayor given the years of scandal under his leadership of the council then so be it.
  • If it means highlighting Labour’s failure to support residents affected by the bedroom tax then we are proud to do so.
The Green Party’s commitment to a fairer society – peace, equality and a safe environment - is based on principles the Labour party abandoned years ago. The sad fact is it is Labour that has sold out to the Tory austerity agenda where corporate interests come first, wages are squeezed and crucial public services are privatised.

And that is something Greens will continue to oppose and, yes, vote against."

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