1 Oct 2014

More hot air from UKIP

Paul Nuttall's tirade against wind energy is further proof that UKIP never let facts get in the way of a bad argument. The reality is that, despite mixed messages from government, renewable energy is rising strongly in the UK and will continue to do so as costs fall further while fossil fuel prices inevitably rise. UK wind power generation rose by 38% last year and half of Scotland's electricity consumption now comes from renewables.

The sad fact is that the ultra free market economic policies promoted by UKIP simply cannot cope with the reality of climate change. Far easier for them to portray climate change as a myth than question their own misguided policies and accept that the state has a crucial role to play in securing a future based on clean and affordable energy for all.

The Green Party promotes investment in energy efficiency to keep bills down and tackle fuel poverty. We support renewables to generate long term employment, tackle climate change and reduce our dependence on imported energy.

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  1. I, as a normal citizen, had not seen the, 'damage', to the local environment; if fact the wind turbines, either on or off the Mersey shoreline, are pleasing knowing that the product they are producing is vital to the community. The 'blot' on the landscape are the ever present mounds are 'scrap' that is viewed from Wirral on the Liverpool waterfront.