8 Mar 2010

Activity Report

Another busy update with details below on Council tax increases, road safety, voting rights and the usual, all important, street issues.

Council tax increase confirmed

This week it was confirmed that Council Tax in Wirral will rise by an average of 1.67% from April. The rise has been kept down by an unusually generous settlement from central government but, nevertheless, compares unfavourably with many other authorities including Liverpool where the increase will be just 0.5%.

Major breakthrough on road safety

Our campaign to make roads safer and bring down Wirral’s poor record on casualties saw a major breakthrough this month. Wirral Council has announced that all residential areas will see 20mph limits. While it is disappointing that current plans will take four years to implement, this is very welcome news. You can get more details here.

Don’t lose your right to vote

Elections are fast approaching. Local elections take place on May 6th and there is very likely to be a national general election on the same day. Yesterday it was revealed that 3.5 million people are not registered to vote and this includes over half of all 18 to 24 year olds.

While conducting our residents survey, we have identified many people not on the register and handed out many voter registration forms. We have also helped many people to register for a postal vote. This is especially useful for disabled people or those who through work, study or travel will be away on May 6th.

Please contact me directly if;

  • you think you may not be registered to vote and need to check;
  • you know you are not on the register and need a registration form;
  • you would like a postal voting form.

Streets update

  • The war on fly-tipping continues. Alerted by residents to a major eye-sore behind houses on Borough Road (adjacent to Victoria Fields) I immediately sent photos to the Council. Within days the site was cleared. There was a similar outcome on Chesnut Grove where months of accumulated rubbish by the electricity sub-station was promptly removed. I am now seeking a similar result having been called out about the extensive fly-tipping in the alleyway between Elmswood and Harrowby Road.
  • Alleyway gates behind Briardale Road have been repaired and on the same road a new lantern has been ordered for the day-burning light.
  • The car park linking Egan Court and Athol Street has now been cleared of overgrowing vegetation.
  • The missing yellow line opposite St Catherines Hospital on Derby Road has now been restored. This should help ease congestion.
  • Broken lights on Victoria Road, Carnforth Close, St. Catherines Gardens and Oak Bank have now been repaired.
  • Graffiti on Ridley Street has now been removed and I have reported graffiti on Park Street by Wood Close.

If there are any issues affecting you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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