30 Oct 2016

End in sight for derelict buildings by Birkenhead library?

For quite some time I have been pressing for action on the  long-standing eye sore buildings by Birkenhead Library on Borough Road. I met again with council officers recently for an update. As a result I can report:
  • Compulsory purchase orders to secure ownership of the last few buildings are now complete.
  • Legal measures to facilitate demolition of the buildings should be in place by February/March.
  • Demolition will take around 10 weeks and will commence as soon as the disconnection of utilities is complete.
  • Planning permission to landscape the area has been granted and this will take around four weeks post demolition.
This is very positive news and I am hopeful that this area will finally have been transformed by mid-2017. I will continue to press officers to ensure this remains a top priority.

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  1. Not before time! Thank you Pat!