2 Jul 2014

Par for the course

The message below from Wirral Council's Chief Executive was one of the first I received as a newly elected councillor. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given the recent catalogue of spending scandals that have hit the headlines.

So, how much is this costing? How on earth can it be justified in the face of brutal cuts to public services? Even if someone else was paying surely the thought of councillors enjoying a jolly cup of tea at the Royal Liverpool is enough to drive their austerity afflicted residents to despair.

Hard to avoid a horrible golfing pun but this really does seem par for the course at Wirral Council.

Dear Councillor,

I am writing to invite you to a special reception for Wirral Councillors at The Open Championship on Wednesday 16th July.

As well as enjoying the final practice day’s play, the reception will provide an opportunity to inspect the Council’s corporate hospitality area over afternoon tea.

As there will be parking and security restrictions in and around the course, a park-and-ride facility will be provided.

In accordance with the traditions of the course, the dress code is smart-casual (no jeans or trainers please).


  1. This is typical of what we see as Labour's total insensitivity to the Wirral public in times of dire hardship,foodbanks and bedroom tax appeals being challenged by WBC. I suggest we get photograph's of all councillor's who attend this golfing jamboree & publish them to show how they prioritise their time at the public's expense.

  2. Councillor Cleary should be Commended . For this. This is another freebie I Wonder ? will they claim expenses / travel / etc

  3. They. Just. Don't. Get. It.

    1. If they didn't "get it", that would be bad enough. But, to me, it's becoming clearer and clearer that they do, in fact, "get it" but couldn't give a monkey's .

  4. I saw the article on john braces blog & on the basis of 66 councillors plus the tribe of hangers on & entrance fees parking & "HOSPILATY" the minium bill would be £300k
    if the wives/partners attend then double this.
    It seems appt "FOUR" geddit a council to squander this amount of money is criminal
    I assume yoy wont attend so that will save at least a grand. I allready how a low opinion of this coucil but this has reached a new low,


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