2 Apr 2012

A Green vote is the only alternative to the politics of despair

As recent events have clearly shown, mainstream politics is completely out of touch with the reality of day-to-day life for most people. It is quite simply a tragedy that every one of Wirral’s 66 councillors backs the shameful austerity measures that are crippling our society while doing nothing to repair our broken finances.


The Green Party stands for real fairness. We are not afraid to say that the very wealthy in our society are not paying their fair share. That has to be addressed through fairer taxation, both locally and nationally. Neither are we afraid to say that investment is crucial if we are to provide desperately needed jobs and desperately needed hope for our young people. A Green New Deal can transform our economy and our society.


The path pursued by Labour, Tory and Liberal is a road to nowhere. Wirral desperately needs a voice that will promote real fairness, for our people and our environment. The Green Party can be that voice and May 3rd is the opportunity to reject austerity and embrace the politics of hope.

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