5 Jan 2011

new planning applications

Every week I keep an eye on new planning applications. A few have caught my eye of late and I've sent details to residents who may be affected in and around Church Road/Hampden Road.

The first concerns the proposed retail development on Church Road and relates to changes to the facilities serving the site. In particular, the bin storage facilities which originally were to be "enclosed" will now be "fence surrounded". You can review the full application (APP/10/01387) here.

The second relates to an extension of planning permission to replace Park Church Hall on Hampden Road with 4 semi-detached houses. You can review this application (APP/10/01417) here. My own feeling is the extension should only be granted if the applicant (who lives in Wallasey) is prepared to maintain the site in a better condition.

If you have any concerns about these applications the Green Party will be happy to assist in whatever way we can.

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