18 Jun 2010

Alley gates

I am frequently asked by residents whose rear alleys are ungated how they can go about having gates fitted. I've had a very useful response from the relevant Council officer on this which is reproduced below:

The Alleygating programme was suspended in April 2008 following the withdrawal of the external funding that supported it.

The key issues for any requests for new gating schemes are:

o        the provision of the capital costs of the scheme which include the cost of the gates, the key distribution and the labour costs. Schemes have been undertaken where the residents have generated to necessary funding from various sources.

o        ALL residents affected must agree to the scheme one objection and the scheme will not be implemented

o        Alleyway concerned is not a footpath, the scheme is primarily designed for areas of traditional back to back terraced housing to prevent burglary.

Various community focused funds exist including for example Wirral Partnership Homes Community Grants up to £10,000, Area Forum You Decide funding (this is being decided as we speak and groups have until 30th June to make their views known.

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