21 May 2009

Letter to the press

The public is understandably angry with the mainstream political parties following recent events. On top of this we in Wirral have had the shocking defection of Labour Councillor Denis Knowles to the Conservatives. This raises many questions. How on earth did Councillor Knowles vote in favour of the Strategic Asset Review just weeks before his defection? Was his defection by any chance linked to his removal as vice chair of Merseytravel for which he was reportedly paid £23,000? How can he look his constituents in the eye following his betrayal of their trust in him?

Just as important, how can the Conservatives accept such an obviously self-serving member into their ranks? If the time has come to clean up politics then surely political parties need to develop some back bone and put aside their own grubby desire for power at any cost. Clearly this is beyond the local Conservative Party.

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