9 Mar 2009

Tetbury Street/Borough Road update

I had a phone call today from the Council’s cleaning and recycling department regarding the appalling state of the landscaped area where Tetbury Street meets Borough Road. I’m glad to say that following my complaints this area had a special one-off clean on Friday. Apparently, over 1,000 drink cans were removed!

However, I was appalled to learn that cleaning of this area occurs only twice a year under a long term contract signed with a private contractor. I was told that the chances of this changing are close to zero. This is clearly unacceptable.

Public consumption of alcohol is banned in this area. I’ll be raising this with the police to see what can be done to enforce this and stop the problem at source. Hopefully, they can also stop people using the area as a public toilet!

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  1. Its good to see pat getting involved in trying to solve our basic neighbourhood needs.Hes the man i will be voting for.Good Luck Pat